How to Watch Rugby in the US?

There are many options on where and how to watch rugby in the United States. Watching international sport channels can seem like a difficult and expensive thing to do, but knowing where to go and find them is what you have to do. Rugby can be watched on certain television channels, there are online options, and even bars to watch rugby in the United States. There are some options to watch rugby that can be found on both cable and satellite. NBC Sports and Universal Sports is well known for Olympic coverage and even with an induction of rugby. International coverage usually will include the six national championships, seven world series, Pacific Nations Cups, and men’s and women’s rugby world cup sevens. These international games can be found easily on NBC.

Another television option can be Channel five. They usually show all of Les Bleus games from the six Nations and Rugby world cup. Premium sports is also an option, which is ran by the founder of defunct Setana Sports North America. Also, there are online options to view Rugby in the United States. Premium Sports also provides online coverage via UStream. This option does come with a price, but is very affordable. Other online options are streaming online using OverPlay, which works with Windows, OSX, IPhone, IPad, Apple TV, Wii, PS3, XBOX, and more.

There are options of going to venues and watching them and usually can find a bar without a cover charge. Typically bars that are broadcasting NBC-Universal Sports are free, but it would be a good idea to bring money to be on the safe side. There are many different statewide bars that provide rugby games. There are even some awesome pubs that show rugby and are around the New York City area. The top bars that show rugby games are the following: Becketts, RedLion, Baker Street, Cricketers Arms, Brass Monkey, Kinsale Tavern, The Australian NYC, and Mulligans, which is located in Hoboken, NJ. All these bars were placed on this list because they offer great food and drink. These pubs have a great environment and are usually full of rugby lovers. Just because you are in the United States does not mean you have to miss out on international rugby.

Rugby: A Global Success that Continues to Show Growth

In it’s beginnings rugby was a sport invented at the Rugby School in 19th century England. It quickly grew popular among students at private English schools. The two main brands of rugby are rugby league and rugby union. The latter being the most popular variety.

Rugby has become a worldwide phenomenon since its inception. It is played both on professional and amateur levels with first-tier unions that include the U.K., Ireland, Argentina, Australia, among others. Also, a prominent second-tier union includes the nations of Brazil, Japan, Chile, Spain, Russia, and more.

The most significant event in the Rugby world is the Rugby World Cup, which is held every four years and hosts the 20 best clubs in the world. The event changes locations each time its held. With countries making greater investments into the growing sport, the event becomes more challenging each year.

In recent years, the sport has seen a tremendous growth. In 2013, Kenya and Brazil appeared for the first time at the Hong Kong Sevens, a well-regarded rugby event. A crowd estimated to be 40,000 strong watched Madagascar defeat Namibia in the same year. The turn out and interest in the match reflected the surging popularity rugby is seeing in Africa.

Rugby’s growth in Russia has been so great that players who leave to sign with English teams often do so while taking a cut in wages. Growth outside of the Anglo world points to Rugby becoming more and more competitive in the coming years with talks of representation in the Olympics as well. In many ways, this would cement Rugby as one of the preeminent sporting events in the world.

Though the game has been slower to reach success in the United States, it has become increasingly popular at the collegiate levels. College teams have been popping up across the U.S. as the sport attempts to gain a stronger foothold stateside. The growth and publicity has translated into greater advertiser interest and more money entering in the sport each year. Sportbooks are seeing an uptick in wagers placed on the matches as well.

With it’s meteoric rise in interest, rugby is becoming a global brand that can no longer be ignored. As long has rugby’s gatekeepers continue to make it inclusive and interesting for everyone, it can be expected to enter the short list of the most popular sporting brands in the world.

Rules of Rugby for Americans

The game of Rugby has been growing in fans for quite a while now. Countries all over the world are adopting the sport, with minor changes in each country to add their signature. Each athlete involved in playing Rugby is a person who underwent heavy loads of training hours and non-stop practices everyday for years in order for them to be the selected few that get to play the game on a professional level. It takes a certain type of person to be able to endure the sport of Rugby, and more people now than ever are learning how to train like a Rugby player, and player like a Rugby player.

Basics Of The Game

Two teams play one another to see who scores the most points. Each team is allowed to have 13 players in the field at once, while having anywhere between 4 to 6 players in bench. Substitutions are allowed 12 times throughout the course of one game.

Player Positions


  • 2 Prop.
  • Hooker or Dummy Half.
  • 2 Second Row.
  • Lock.


  • Full Back.
  • Right and Left Wing.
  • Right and Left Center.
  • Fly Half.
  • Half Back.


  • Substitution players 1 through 6.

Rules Of The Game

-Scoring: Each team can get points through Tries, Goals, and Field Goals. The highest scores usually come from Tries. The team to take the ball over the opponents try line will score 4 points, in addition to getting a kick ball chance to add 2 more points for getting the ball over the crossbar and through the field goal.

Defensive Roles

-All the players involved in the game can act as offense or defense. A full tackle to stop the offense is making sure the player is on the ground while maintaining contact with the player stopped.

Playing The Ball

-After a tackle is made, the offensive team will now take the ball and pass it to the dummy half, which will now try to take the ball to the opposing side and try to score points.

6 Play

-Each time is only allowed 6 tries each turn to score without losing the ball.


-Each player can make unlimited passes as long as the ball doesn’t touch the ground.

Other Scoring Methods

-A penalty will award a player 2 points for a kick over the cross bar.
-A field goal can be earned by kicking the ball through the field goal posts.